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Fixed Wireless Internet Access

Lobo Internet’s Fixed Wireless plans are one of the best broadband Internet connections available. Better than cable, DSL and much better than satellite, because our wireless service is a lower cost replacement for a T1 service, yet provides excellent latency and bandwidth capabilities. Install time is generally within a week of your call.

Why use our Fixed high-speed Wireless?

  • Low latency and reliable connections
  • Industrial-strength Internet connections
  • No sharing bandwidth with others
  • No intermittent service interruptions
  • Best of all, 99.9% uptime on this service!
Lobo Internet has deployed 12 cell sites in Albuquerque, 2 in Rio Rancho, 2 in Santa Fe, 1 in Macintosh, 1 in Estancia, 2 in Moriarty and 2 in Edgewood. We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure in the east mountain area as well as the Albuquerque area to improve server and speed, just recently added a few backup connections in the East Mountains to ensure a more reliable connection for our customers.

Residential Wireless pricing breakdown
Speed/burst Install Fee Total Monthly Cost
3M $250 $50
5M $250 $85
10M $295 $110

Call Us today to set up an appointment! 505-832-4444

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